Our Mission

We believe that work can be a place where collaboration flourishes, creativity abounds, and every voice is heard. We believe that employees should feel empowered to take risks, experiment, and learn from failure and we believe that leaders can drive a company to higher levels of profitability while simultaneously fostering a culture of inclusivity, mentorship, and continuous improvement, ensuring the collective success of both the organization and its workforce.

Our approach to cultivating this collaborative atmosphere involves unlocking untapped potential and aligning leaders around your mission and core values.

Our MRI for Organizations can help you pinpoint and address cultural challenges, reducing transformation timelines from years to weeks.

The Team

Sage and Greg have decades of experience growing and directing high performing teams.

Through their experience, they are well aware of the difficulties today’s leaders face in a digitized workforce and what it takes to build and maintain high-performance teams.


CEO - Sage

ARKA, Tethers Unlimited, Philips, Safran, Collins


CTO - Greg

Payoneer, EY, North Point Solutions

Our Partners